Hi Mehmet i’m regular

  • January 29, 2021
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Hi Mehmet i’m regular listener of crackers radio amazing station i listen to most shows every day i spoke to the presenters /DJs they are all ok with it but Aadil said to check with yourself i’m a DJ i have a home studio for home use ie making me own remixes and genraly mixing on vinyl and mp3 i’m in the proc of doing it up one wall is going to be cartoon graffiti of DJs and two turntables i wonted to do a crackers radio theme would it be ok with yourself its just a personal thing i love crackers radio i got a cartoon graffiti artist booked to do it the DJ prosenters Aadil / eon / micky fx / cassy m/ keith seal / eamonn are all fine with it they said to check with u to get your blessing much thanks 🙏🙏