Hey Andy, I meant to send

  • June 17, 2020
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Hey Andy,
I meant to send this message to you last week.

It is great to have you back. You are definitely a connoisseur of the Crackers era for Jazz funk and fusion. I also like some of the new Jazz stuff you are digging up – Keep up the excellent work.

I always listen to your shows on Catchup. I am currently listening to 4th June. I also listen to Eon and Double M when he is there, again all on catchup.

Can you say a BIG hello, to my wife Lora and son’s Demetris and Michael and mention that on the next Crackers night they have to come.

I met you at the last crackers night, last year before Xmas. I am the one who came up to you and said I always listen to you on Crackers radio and you said ‘glad to hear that someone is listening’. But I am sure there are loads listening.

All the best Chris