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Spencer Mechell

Presents the Original Melting Pot show on a Friday afternoon at 4 pm    .

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Spencers Bio

I was born in Camden Town, London, and started DJ’ing in the late 80’s in and around London in various clubs and bars, such as The Red Eye Lewisham, Regines in Chingford, and Bensons in Loughton. Alongside this, I also hosted a pirate radio show on Friends FM 100.7 every Saturday and Sunday morning.


I have been to loads of Caister Soul weekends and clubs like The Lacey Lady, The Goldmine, Zero 6, and Flicks. The Original Melting Pot is a combination of Jazz, Funk, and Soul; and everything that’s classy in between, both new and old. 


In August 2022, I was diagnosed with Tonsil cancer and found myself with a lot of spare time on my hands. Doing so has allowed me to fall back in love with music, and reignite my passion for DJ’ing and spreading good music all over the world. 


I received the all clear in February 2023 and now continue to have regular check-ups. One thing I wanted to say was to emphasise that you should get any lumps and bumps on your body checked out as soon as you can, catching it early could save your life, like it did for me. Spread the word!


Music got me through a life changing experience recently, so hopefully my love and passion for it will come through on my shows for my listeners to enjoy.


Peace and Luv


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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