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Andy Hunter

Presents the Foundation show on a Thursday at 7:00 pm

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Andy's Bio

Like most Andy Hunter was first introduced to Crackers on Friday lunchtimes back in late ’75 or early ’76, yep ‘bunking’ off school, naughty boy. It was here that he developed a love for the diverse musical styles being played – soulful dance, disco, funk, jazz fusion and the harder jazzier grooves. From those Friday sessions Andy then started attending the Sunday night Crackers sessions and other clubs.

He could also be regularly found at Contempo Records buying the latest tracks he had heard………yep the vinyl habit had started.

Whilst working in a record shop and specializing in stocking the latest imports Andy was soon taking the occasional track to George Power at Crackers straight off the Friday import van runs during a somewhat ‘extended’ lunch break. Their rapport grew and George asked Andy to work for him at Crackers as the Sunday ‘warm up’ and then later also standing in for George the entire Sunday session when needed, high praise indeed.

Over the intervening years and numerous house moves Andy still kept all those records and has continued to collect music and looks forward to sharing his musical memories from the ‘Foundation’ at Crackers and onwards with a mix of finely aged grooves and a dusting of newness.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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