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Eamonn Evans

Presents the Golden Funk 180 show on the first Sunday of every month at 4:00 pm

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Eamonn's Bio

I unconsciously was getting into soul music whilst at school as all the other kids were into heavy rock and I seemed to be taking note of soul and disco sounds when I was going to under 18’s gigs in my area 
My passion for soul and jazz funk ignited once I discovered Radio London and found my local “soul scene” which I felt very at home in as it didn’t matter where you came from as long as you loved the music you “belonged” 
Gradually the music collection grew and trips to London import shops made the collection viable for me to try my hand at DJing and although I’m naturally shy and reserved I seemed to have a knack for putting a set together which led to a few residencies and at the same time I was creating my own event in the area I grew up 
A chance meeting at my own soul club led to a meeting with Tony Shades Valence who was the presenter of soul shows on BBC Radio Medway and Radio Orwell, we quickly hit it off and I regularly was answering the phones and assisting in the program even to the point of bringing in some of the vinyl I had discovered that week 
Tony was about to open a club in the South East of the country and offered me the position of resident DJ where I was to build the crowd up for not only his appearances but to those of Robbie Vincent, Chris Hill, Greg Edwards, Tom Holland, Pete Tong and a multitude of top name DJ’s of that golden time of dance music 
I also got the enviable job of warming up the crowd and introducing acts such as Fat Larry’s Band, Light of The World, George McRae, Odyssey, Central Line, Eddie Grant and so many touring bands of the day 
Like all good things eventually career marriage and children took over from my music roots but I never sold my vinyl and in 2018 I was approached by Crackers Radio and it gave me the chance to rediscover my record collection 
My Golden Funk 180 show goes out on the first Sunday of every month between 4pm and 7pm and is mix of tracks from my early DJ’ing days to the present fresh cuts of today, there is a strong bias to jazz funk and fusion as this really was and is my passion and every now and again I bring some of my listeners into the studio to let them play their favourite tracks 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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