Dave Regan

Presents the Diggers Delight show on a Monday night at 10:00 pm

You can listen & download the latest episode here :-

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Dave's Bio

From the early 70's right up to today I've enjoyed playing and presenting great soul music. With a history of mobile discos, pub & club gigs along with various cruise liners, I finally decided that while the mind was willing, the body wasn't up to the physicality and late nights.

So some 40 plus years later I moved into online broadcasting in 2015, joining J.F.S.R and presenting various shows for just under four years.
After a change of station ownership & ideals, I decided it wasn't for me and called it a day.

After a short hiatus and an "interview" with Eon Irving & Mehmet Mustafa I was invited to join Crackers Radio in March 2019. (so you can blame the two of them :) )

Since then I have been presenting various shows such as "The Soul Food Show " and "The Back Seat Boogie"
Currently I present a Monday night show called "Diggers Delight",  rare grooves, collectibles and some stone cold classics, just the stuff for the end of the day.

Finding myself getting a lot more involved with things like the Crackers Radio website, advertising and merchandising it seems as though I have found my 'spiritual' home amongst the Crackers family.

This Week's Diggers Delight Playlist


        Artist                              Title                               Year

Two Man Sound                Que tel America                          1979

Spirit of Atlanta                 Messin around                             1973

Ramsey Lewis                  Expansions                                  1981

Honey Cone                      One monley don't stop no show 1971

Billy Woost                        Body body love                            1977

Lonnie Smith                     It's changed                                 1977

David Ruffin                      Walk away from love                     1975

Pharoah Saunders            You got to have Freedom             1980

M J Wade                          I'm gonna ball baby                     1982

Theresa Hightower           Trust my love 

Herbie Hancock                Stars in your eyes                        1980

Mike James Kirkland         You put it on my mind                  1973

MFSB                                 My mood                                     1975

Dawson Smith                   I don't know if I can make it         1974

Pharoah Saunders             Thembi                                        1971

John Simmons                   Ain't nothing like the love            1981

Willie Hutch                       I choose you                                1973

North of the Gap  

Beverley Shaffer               Even the score                            1965

Lenny Curtis                     Nothing can help you now          1965

Seven Souls                      I still love you                              1967

Main Ingredient                Let me prove my love to you      1976

Pharoah Saunders            Love is here                               1978

Ray Goodman and Brown    Celebrate our love                 1986

Curtis Mayfield                  Love to keep you in my mind     1971

Lonnie Liston Smith           Summer nights                          1975

Galaxy                               L O V E                                      1978

Esther Phillips                   Baby I'm for real                        1972


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.