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Crackers originated as a hugely influential disco in the 70’s located in Wardour Street off Oxford St, it even brought to fashion “all-day clubbing”. The party would start at midday on Friday, with the attitude that not much work was done on a Friday so no one would notice if they weren’t there. Instead they were on the dance floor of Crackers cutting shapes to the pounding of soul American music.




Crackers on a Sunday night was like a place of worship to the regulars. It was the place for music lovers to hear the first play (acid tapes) of many great songs. Along with the exclusive music came the best dancers and with them, they brought all the latest fashions to the soul scene.




This was the place to be in 75’ and the headlining DJ, George Power, remains a legend to his peers and followers today. He brought many Pas to his clubs such as Tom Brown, Anita Ward, Mantroniz, Jermaine Jackson, Level 42, Freeez, McFadden and Whitehead, Light of the World, Odyssey, Hitension, Mirage, Eddie Grant, The Breakfast Band, The UK Players, Central Line and Five Star.

George Power really made a name for himself within Crackers and soon become extremely popular with the regular “soul boys” and celebrities, such as Gary Kemp (Spandau Ballet) and many others.




With his success in the clubs and on the radio George went on to be the founder of Kiss FM, this was and still is a very successful radio station in the capital. However with this success and being Greek Cypriot origin he realized he could concentrate on building a radio station for his Greek community in England, and in 1983 he co-founded London Greek Radio.

Once LGR had taken off George Power had the idea of re-branding Crackers, it was his dream to take this idea further. The idea of a soul music show on 103.3fm that Crackers was reborn.

George Power created the Soul Crackers show that first went live on 103.3fm on July 23rd 2012.

With the popularity of the shows and the success of their first Crackers event on 22nd Feb 2013 it was obvious that soul had not been lost and there was popular demand for George Power to spin the tracks form back in the day. At this time George, himself, realized there was room to expand and a need for a generic soul station that could capture a wider audience.




Once again George Power put his hands together and created, a radio station that is focused on delivering good quality soulful music across the board, ranging from Soulful RnB, Neo Soul, Conscious soulful Hip-hop, Soulful house, and of course those specialist shows like Soul Crackers focusing on the 70s and 80s Soul Funk and jazzy sounds synonymous with the crackers brand.

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