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It is Friday and time to catch up on the entertainment news of the week.  Let’s kick off with the soMariah and Jamesngstress butterfly loving lady herself Miss Mimi aka Mariah Carey who recently got engaged to her beau of 7 months billionaire James Packer.  James threw a private dinner for the singer and a few of their close friends and family and pop popped the question and Miss Mimi scream YES, OK I am exaggerating I don’t know if that happened but I am sure she must have given a happy reaction especially as I read that the ring cost a whopping $7.5 m; I wonder if Nick is even bothered or breathing a sigh of relief.

Congratulations going out to Brit actor David Ajala; who I just love in the series Beowulf. He has landed a new role in a new US drama, nice one. You may also remember him in The Fast & Furious 6 (I was in that movie).

 The Oscars debate continues on with Chris Rock’s brother Tony now getting in on the argument givinWill and Jadag his brother some much needed back up.  He has however reiterated something that Jada Pinkett said which is that’ black people need to stop repeatedly begging for white acceptance’. Will and Jada have both confirmed that they will be boycotting this year’s Oscars.

Chris has been asked to step down as host of the event by numerous stars but is so far standing firm

I felt sad this weeks as pictures of a distraught looking Celine Dion emerged online as she attended her beloved husband memorial service.  Celine, family, friends and members of the public attended the viewing of Rene’s body in a service held in Old Montreal. Celine has suffered a double loss, with her brother dying just two days after she lost her husband to throat cancer.

On a lighter note, Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo) kicked off her residency in Las Vegas this week with a few stars joining her out on stage, Ja Rule, Ne-Yo and Pitbull came out at one stage or another to sing hits that they have made with the star.  Las Vegas is proving to be the big bucks state for many of the US big hit singers. J-Lo is said to be earning a cool £13 million for her gigs there.

The news was awash last week with news that Kanye West was to do a tribute album of David Bowie songs.  A petition against this was soon raised, calling for Kanye to boycott the idea; and that’s me putting it politely. Kanye’s reps have now cleared up what he says was a misunderstanding.  The rapper was never going to do an album; the petition raised over 10,000 signatures.

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