CD vs Vinyl…

CD or Vinyl, Conveinience or Quality? It is a long standing debate but what we really we really need to decipher is: what produces the best experience for listeners and what do they prefer.

As far as technology has come, many of the old fashioned would still suggest that Vinyl’s were (and still are) the best way to listen to music. Vinyl is the only playback format that is fully analog, which means that artists can transport their music from magnetic tape to LP and provide the closest sound to what they had intended for the listener.
An analog signal is continuous, which means there are no breaks or interruptions in playback as long as the record player is in good condition of course. Also, when you listen to Vinyl’s you don’t lose the depth and vitality of the music as you may do when listening to a digital copy of the song. So, although lovers of the old school might be rambling on about the past and how this generation are missing out on ‘real’ music, in a sense they would be right.
But, obviously, there are two sides to every debate and there are good reasons why people have chosen to move on from using Vinyl records. One of the reasons is the size of them. If you were a religious Vinyl listener on the move, realistically, how many Vinyl’s would you comfortably be able to carry with you on your travels? I would argue, not many. Also, to get the playback you want (without interruption or crackling) the record would have to be in pristine condition. Not to mention that Vinyl’s can also be difficult to produce.
Although people who are listening to CDs may not be getting the ‘full experience’ of the song, they are a much more convenient and less technical way of listening to music. CDs are small and many of them can be carried around without any disadvantage or space being consumed, you just stick it in and play. They can be played in almost all places like vehicles, laptops and other devices such as media players.
People can argue all day and night about how Vinyl’s produce the best sound when listening to music and how small and convenient CDs are. But, in this day and age, there are even easier ways to listen to music; with programmes such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Sound-cloud … CDs and Vinyl’s have been blown out the water.
275 million people now use these digital programmes and would argue that they are definitely the most convenient and quickest way to find the music they love. As a user of Spotify, I have no issue with digital music and so listening to Vinyl’s or Cd’s was never something I needed to do.
Plus, size isn’t everything. Cassette tapes are even smaller than CD’s but you no longer see many people carrying them around. Why is that? Because in this day and age, what we really want is fast, easy convenience.

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